Why it is OK to become a monster blogger?

Hi All,

So after my last post, in which I’ve introduced u2 TrafficHacks‘s 1st WordPress product, I’ve surprisingly found out that some people see this kind of online marketing as not moral. Well, it is moral. And here is TrafficHacks opinion regarding this. (If you are new to this blog, you can meet this product in the below post)

2 more things:

1) This blog is not about TrafficHacks, it is about traffic, blogging and gadgets in general. Therefore, be sure to follow it for many many tips regarding blogging, traffic and blog design which will be published daily.
2) We almost collapse due to too many customers who have started to experience and explore our 1st wordpress product. If you are one of the people who have given us an Email address and still didn’t receive the FREE Trial, please be patient. It is soon to come, and it is worth waiting.

PEACE Y’all.


Power Of Like – Free Tip!

Free tip: when you hit like on another post, the blogger who wrote it gets an email that invites him to visit your blog.

Sounds great right? Almost. There’s only one problem, liking other posts takes time and sitting all day in front of WordPress and hitting like on many blogs is abnormally frustrating.

Is this it? Of course not. Meet TrafficHacks, a new way to reach thousands of people in one click. This awesome tool lets you hit click once and it automatically does the ‘dirty work’ for you, going on and liking thousands of posts.


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